Communications SC/UPC Connector Fiber Optic Patchcord for Fiber Optical Link 1

The SC fiber optic patch cord is one of the earliest type and one of the most commonly used fiber optic cable, it is convenient to use and cost saving, It is the most cheapest type fiber optic patch cable. SC fiber patch is widely uesed in fiber optic networks. SC fiber patch cable is with zirconia sleeve and plastic housing.
Single mode and multi mode SC fiber optic patch cables, SC-LC, SC-ST, SC-FC, SC-MU, SC-MTRJ, SC-E2000, 9/125μm, 50/125μm, 62.5/125μm, SM, MM, simplex, duplex, UPC, APC, PC. Customized design cables are available.
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Functional Fiber Optic Connector Quality

Certified Telecom Cable

CE, RoHS, and other certification standards

Peerless Connection

superior repeatability and interchangeability

High Compatibility

Accommodates a wide range of wavelengths

Superior Signal Capabilities

High return loss and low insertion loss

Diverse Telecom Applications

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High-speed Communication Systems

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Fibre Instrumentation/ Testing

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System and Signal Monitoring

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CATV Networks

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FTTx Networds

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Technical Specifications

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